An Aha Moment with Personal Finance Bloggers

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  1. Steveark says:

    Those were compelling. I almost wish I had one but I was Dave Ramsey before Dave came along. My and wife’s parents never had consumer debt and taught us to buy everything but the house with cash and to pay the house off early. So we did the same and lived frugally and saved aggressively and never felt any pinch when my wife chose to stay home and raise kids. All the way to early retiring and switching to fun side gigs we never had a money argument and never were broke a single time. We’ve always had more money than we needed and were always able to give generously. I know, it is extremely boring as a story goes and doesn’t show the courage and triumph all the inspiring examples quoted above do. And frankly I think people who learned by early mistakes or early hard times that blindsided them are the great teachers and examples to look at, not people who just steadily did smart stuff because they didn’t know any other way to live. Any credit for folks like us goes to our parents not to us.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the comment. I feel a little like that. My story is not as earthshaking as some others with their debt payoff stories, but we each do have a story. And to be a testament to how well this stuff works is great. You’ve lived it, and it works!! Sure it doesn’t sound fantastical, but you’re so much farther ahead. Great job!! 😀

  3. Kate says:

    It was nice to read these stories and hear what other people had as a turning point in life. Our story is definitely not as dramatic as hitting rock bottom and to be honest I am glad. I can’t imagine that is ever a good place to be even if you do learn a lesson. I am thankful that we never got there nor needed those types of circumstances to turn our heads in the right direction. Now I can brag that I have my own ‘finance and investment guy’.

  4. Great post, loved reading the stories from the other bloggers. I didn’t have a huge moment mainly because I’m fairly conservative with money and always have been. Just the way I was brought up. Kind of like Steveark said, due to our parents.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the comment. Being good with money for a long period of time is a good story too. Don’t undersell the impact of great parents and good teaching. 😀

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