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PF bloggers tell about an aha moment 6

An Aha Moment with Personal Finance Bloggers

Interview: Personal Finance Bloggers Describe Their Aha Moment. This is an older article that appeared first on – which no longer exists. It received such a great response that I thought I would “republish” it here. Enjoy! I have chronicled¬†my aha...

dear younger me 4

My Money and Life Advice for Younger Me!

A Heartfelt Letter to Younger Me on Money and Life. I know it’s physically impossible, unless someone invents some time traveling device. (How cool would that be?) But if you could write a letter and deliver it to your younger self, what...

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Visualize Your Finances with a Money Map.

¬†This post takes the place of CYinnovations’ link in the chain. Maps Can Provide Security and Control. So you’re on vacation. And while you’re in the middle of this fantastical locale, you have no idea where to go next. Because unfortunately, you’re...