Can Reading a Great Blog Post or Article Change Your Life?

Blogs have been around for quite a few years now. Most of us read articles (like this one) written by common people all the time on one blog or another. Even some well known websites started as blogs years ago. For instance, did you know that the “Huffington Post” started out as a blog written by Arianna Huffington back in 2005? And the Penny Hoarder was started by Kyle Taylor back in 2010? In the news/media world, these blogs are huge. Can these blogs change your life? Maybe?

Or could a single, inspiring blog post change the course of a life?

I think on the surface, most of us would say no. Blogs are fun, and by reading some articles we learn things here or there. But they don’t change my life, and I don’t think other’s lives are changed either.

Let me give you an illustration, and then let’s revisit the question.

Shooting a Rifle at Two Different distance Targets.

Imagine you are shooting a rifle. I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania, so this isn’t a stretch by any means. I know others may have never fired a gun, but just bear with me.


The point is: A small change at the scope can result in a large change far away at the target.

You start out aiming your rifle at a target that is 100 yards away. You line up the crosshairs of the scope on the bullseye, and carefully squeeze the trigger.

BANG! You hit the target, but just a half inch high of the center. You need to adjust the scope . . . two clicks (1/4″MOA).

And you shoot again. And this time you nail the bullseye.bullet trajectory

Now you move the target back to 300 yards. Even though you just sighted your scope in at 100 yards, you decide to adjust your aim instead of the scope to compensate for the longer distance. Of course you’re expecting the result to be the same.

You aim high on the target, and slowly squeeze the trigger, and check the target.

Not even close!! You didn’t even hit the target!!

What happened? You had the crosshairs right above the bullseye, but the result wasn’t the same.

You see, the bullet’s trajectory isn’t a straight line. It’s more of an arc. And the farther away the bullet travels, the more it drops. 

But you could have altered the bullet’s trajectory with a few clicks in your scope. These clicks in your scope tilt the scope slightly, all the while making a huge change in where the bullet hits the target.

Can a Small Change Now be Huge in the Future?

So, back to the question. If you read a blog post or an article, and make a small adjustment now, couldn’t that change your life for the future? I think so.

A small change in behaviour can set you up for huge success in the future. It can change your life! In fact, I would argue that you need to make small changes in a positive direction for them to stick. Big changes can be difficult – both emotionally and physically.

For instance, just starting a budget can alter your entire financial forecast. It just went from troubled and difficult to smooth and secure. And all it took was a small decision to start budgeting. You took control of your finances and changed your financial trajectory!

Or what about deciding to automatically deduct $100 more per week for retirement. You’ll get used to living without that money. But in 10 years, your $12k of savings has compounded at 6% interest to over sixteen thousand dollars. And 30 years later, if you keep contributing, your $36k of savings will have compounded to over one hundred thousand dollars!

Check out Nerdwallet’s compound interest calculator for more savings fun!

All from the small change to save just $100 dollars more!

We made a small change a few years ago that has saved us hundreds if not thousands of dollars since. We decided to not do our grocery shopping at bulk stores. It was too much money coming out of our bank account each month.

Now we budget for groceries per week, and our bank account has thanked us.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t shop at bulk stores, but evaluate your finances, and see what you could improve or change. That small change that we made has been huge for us.

We also made another small change with our cell phone bill. We switched from Verizon to Republic Wireless. That small change has saved us over $50 each month.
can a blog post change your life


The point is: a small change now will be amplified in the future. Just like a tiny adjustment in your rifle scope can adjust the bullet trajectory by inches, small changes to your financial life can be huge.

And if so, isn’t that all that matters? If one person would adjust their spending habits, or decide to vanquish their debt and never look back, then I would consider “The Cash Dad” a success! Or if by reading one of my articles, you can glean some tidbit of information that you didn’t know before, then this blog would also be a success.

I can’t claim to be able to change your life, but you certainly can. Make a small change today. You may not even notice it, but your future self will thank you.

Have you ever read a blog post or article that changed your life? If so, what was it? This one??

Thanks all, for reading and sharing this post. I appreciate it.



Chris is the original Cash Dad. He's a father of 3 and a mechanical engineer by trade.


  1. It was several small posts that helped changed my mindset. First, it was listening to a couple of Suze Orman podcasts, which turned into finding people like Michelle at Making Sense of Cents and other PF blogs. Then it turned into an obsession. My life has definitely changed from reading various blog posts on the same subject.

    I definitely think a blog post can change a life.

    • Chris Reply

      I agree, and I hope that others can have the same experience and enact a positive change in their financial situations as well. Thanks for the comment.

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