Are you desperate enough to try some insane budgeting tips to save even more money?

I mentioned in a previous post some ways that I have used to save money. I’ve been able to save big $$$ by doing my own home improvement projects and upgrades, cutting my own hair, etc.

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I also mentioned in that post that were some wild ideas out there. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some crazy ways to save minimal amounts of money. Your mileage may vary depending on how you implement these tips, but you still probably won’t save much – unfortunately. So, I present a lot these ideas somewhat in jest.

And note that I do none of these things, because I’m not a miser or cheapskate (even though I’ve been called that). Some of these things I shamelessly stole from the show “Extreme Cheapskates”. Mainly because they were so crazy. Some I “found” elsewhere.

Just a warning: Try these at your own risk! hahaha.

Ways to Save Electricity

We all know that saving electricity results in saving mega $$$.

1. Use only one light-bulb and take it with you from room to room. I think everyone in your family should have their own light-bulb. If you’re all in one room you can have more light.

2. Microwave your left-over coffee instead of making a new pot. We all know that a coffee maker uses much more electricity simply because it’s on longer. Microwaving coffee only takes like . . . a minute.

3. Unplug everything that you’re not using. I mean everything. Clocks, refrigerator, tvs, nightlights, and other appliances. If there’s something plugged into an outlet, you had better be using it. Because those things that remain plugged in still pull trace amounts of electricity, even if they are shut off.

4. Turn off the TV during commercials. You don’t really care about the commercials anyway. Remember that commercials last 3-4 minutes on average, so you’ll know exactly when to turn the TV back on.

spaghetti water

Ways to Save Water

Water is a precious commodity in the world today. It’s irresponsible to waste water, so here’s some ideas to help you save.

5. Re-use the water that you boil your pasta in. This becomes your “boil water”. Try not to mix it with your “other water”.

6. Re-use your “other water” too. For instance, after you wash your vegetables, you can use that water to wash dishes later.

7. Take a “navy shower”. This means that you only turn the shower on when you actually need it. Just a few seconds of water to get wet. Then lather up. Then you get a minute or so to rinse off. Done! A shower isn’t really supposed to be relaxing . . . is it?

8. Do you have a pool or hot-tub? Use it to wash your clothes and take a bath at the same time. Use the pool filter to clean the water. There’s no point just dumping that water down the drain.

Multipurpose Items are a Savers Dream

insane ways to save money

9. Did you know your dishwasher can double as an oven. You are already paying for that heated water. Why not use the heat to cook your food? Just remember to seal your dinner well. Or it might taste a little like soap. Can you say sous vide?

10. Use your clothes iron to make grilled cheese or toast after you’ve ironed your shirts and pants. You save by only heating up the iron once, and using it while it’s already hot. Who needs a toaster? Genius . . . right?

11. Your fridge/freezer can also “wash” your clothes. Cold can kill bacteria just as well as hot – or so they say. Just pack your tee shirts and pants around the ice cream and they’ll be bacteria free and clean in no time.

12. Divert the rain gutter from your roof through your bathroom window. Use this “free” water to flush your toilet. You could also fill your bathtub to use later. Isn’t it great to have a roof with gutters?

13. Duct tape can fix almost anything. From broken curtain rods to patches for that rip in your sofa, duct tape is all you need! No more costly handy-man repair bills.

Ways to Save on Food/Groceries

14. Scrape the leftovers from your dinner plates back into containers. You can “recycle” salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, and other sauces.

15. When you go to the grocery store, take the peels off bananas, oranges, and kiwis. Only bag the “actual” fruit. You don’t want to pay for weight that you don’t use. And while you’re at it, you should also take the stickers off apples, tomatoes, and peaches. Even those little stickers have weight.

16. Along the same lines as #14, pick the grapes off the vine and only buy/weigh the grapes.

17. Ketchup mixed with hot water makes a delicious tomato soup. Pair this with your clothes ironed grilled cheese sandwiches. You can save even more $$ by using the ketchup packets that you find at fast food establishments.


So, are you planning on trying any of these insane budgeting tips? I’m not. I value the relationship with my wife and kids far too much. I also think that the amount of money you would actually save is not worth the effort.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments if you would do any of these things.

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Chris is the original Cash Dad. He's a father of 3 and a mechanical engineer by trade.


  1. Haha. Dude. Some of these are interesting alone, but as a collective – you’ve got gold here. You should try all of these for a week then write about it. Nice work and thanks for sharing!

    • Chris Reply

      Ha, I’m not sure I could that off even for a week. I can’t really believe that people actually do these things. ?

  2. Justin Hansen Reply

    I’ll admit, I myself have microwaved coffee before. It’s been a bit since I’ve seen some great personal finance humor though. Keep it up!

    • Chris Reply

      Hahaha. I actually have as well. I was just too lazy to make a new pot. So for me it was more about saving time and effort rather than money. ?

    • Chris Reply

      LoL, only try it in a store you would be ok never going back to. ?
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. ?

  3. Wasn’t sure if you were serious until the freezer/washer there haha. Great list man, you’re a riot. Here I was contemplating the logistics of making a grilled cheese with an iron lol.

    • Chris Reply

      Hahaha. I wouldn’t do these things, but that doesn’t mean somebody else wouldn’t. Thanks for stopping by. ?

  4. I’m not sure why you couldn’t take your pasta “boil” water and fill your toilet tank up after a flush. That’s about 1.4 cents saved for what I’m paying for water.

    Great satire.

    • Chris Reply

      You could certainly do that. But then you’d have to get new ”boil” water. ??

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