Is a Debt Free Life Really the Ultimate Goal?

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5 Responses

  1. steveark says:

    I remember becoming debt free many years ago when we paid off the house. It was barely worth noting. And becoming a millionaire and then adding more to that, still no big deal. There just isn’t any happiness to be found in money. It is found in helping others, becoming your best self and in family and friends. I worry that becoming financially independent and retiring early is going to be the greatest anticlimax in many people’s lives. Good advice.

  2. kathleen Lauck says:

    Chris, We have been debt free for many years. However, it is so important to put our priorities in the right perspective. Having all the money in the world can not make us happy. Its the peace and joy that we experience when we minister and help others. We appreciate you and are so thankful that our daughter married you. You definitely have your priorities in the right order!!! Great ideas shared.

  3. Being effective with money hopefully will allow us to direct our attention to far more important matters. Money is an amplifier and we need more good people like you to have it so you can do great things with it.

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