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I am not a licensed financial expert. Any advice you find on this site is based on my personal experience and ideas. Because of this, I cannot be held liable for any loss of money or property that you incur based on actions taken as a result of advice found on thecashdad.com. Though I will not intentionally mislead you, every situation is different. And what works for one situation may not be appropriate for your situation. Your actions and decisions are your responsibility.


Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy for Blog Posts and Advertisements

The Federal Trade Commission requires that I disclose any relationship I have between a product manufacturer or service provider when I tell you about a product or service through a direct link or advertisement.

As a result, here are the guidelines I operate under at thecashdad.com

My integrity is the only thing that’s lasting. Because that’s what people remember about someone in the media – or the lack thereof.

“He told the TRUTH about the products he recommends. And if it’s good enough for Chris, it’s good enough for me!”

That’s what I want you to be able to say about me. Fortunately there are companies that make great products that I will gladly tell you about. It’s my pleasure to work with these companies so I can help them transform you into another satisfied customer.

So, if I create a link to a product in a review, sometimes companies pay a commission if you purchase the product or service. If this is the case, I’ll disclose that in the review. I’m not getting paid any commission if you don’t see the disclosure.


It’s important for you as a consumer to understand the relationship between a person reviewing the product and the manufacturer or service provider. Because if you don’t see a disclosure policy as part of a review of a product, that reviewer may be violating the laws.

-Chris (the Cash Dad)