Question and Answer at “Married and Harried”

I realize this post is outside of my normal schedule. But that’s because I have something special for you today.

Mike over at married and runs a family oriented blog. He and his wife write about various family related issues and problems. They share tips and tricks that have worked for them.

Part of their content includes time management when it comes to kids. As anyone with kids knows, there is never enough time in the day to accomplish all the items on your to-do list. And kids seem to take up so much time. We’re always looking for ways to be more efficient with our time, and so Mike figured that others could benefit from time management tips as well.

So he thought it might be interesting to ask a few bloggers with kids different questions about time management tips and as I have several kids, I was included in hs interview series.

So head over there and read how things work at our house. Learn how we deal with chores and time management and other things. Maybe it will help.

The Cash Dad Q&A at married and

Let me know what you think – either here or over there.

Thanks for reading and sharing.



Chris is the original Cash Dad. He's a father of 3 and a mechanical engineer by trade.

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  1. I loved reading the various detailed events in your post. I didn’t realize that your perspective of pre-dinnertime events was so different. But now that I think about it I agree. Great answers to all those questions.

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