Giving Your Wealth Away has Compounded Blessings.

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5 Responses

  1. Jillian says:

    Thanks for the shout out. 🙂 I started giving in high school and have grown into it over the years. I always try to share that in ways it seems approachable and easy to get started.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the comment. You seem much more giving than I am. My wife is the giving person in our family, and she’s still working on me. 😉
      It’s certainly something I want to do more of both now and in the future. 😀

  2. I love that we can make this our goal for the future when we have more to give! That story about the two bears was so sweet. And a great reminder that even at this stage in our lives we should find ways to give on a smaller scale. Something that I need to be reminded of.
    You are a different man than the one I married. You have become a much kinder, sensitive and giving person over the years. And that makes me love you even more. Thank you for all that you give to our family, not just financially but through your love and example!

  3. Mandi says:

    We also borrowed the change from your helmet too that was on top of your bookshelf 🙈 #sorrynotsorry #familyisforever

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