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Maps Can Provide Security and Control.

So you’re on vacation. And while you’re in the middle of this fantastical locale, you have no idea where to go next. Because unfortunately, you’re lost!!!

So of course, you look around trying to find some comforting symbol to provide even a sliver of direction. But it all looks so unfamiliar. And obviously it would, you’ve never been here before. You turn around, and around. It seems the whole world is spinning, spinning, spinning.

financial money map

If this sounds nauseating to you, you’re not alone. It certainly does to me.

So what would alleviate some of this stress? A plan! And a map! You need a map. So when you get to the middle of that crowded street, you’ll know exactly which way to go. Provided you can read a map of course.

When I go on vacation, I have to find a map of the area. Because there’s something comforting about knowing exactly where I am at all times. Especially in an unfamiliar city. I learn how far away the places of interest are, and perhaps even find some “hidden” treasures. All this from the visually appealing lines and notations of a well drawn map.

The Reasoning Behind a Money Map

With this in mind, a map of your finances can be useful as well. Your personal money map can help to highlight redundancies and inefficiencies. And it can provide security that you understand how your money flows through your accounts.

And because most people are more visual in their learning than others, a money map is a great tool. It helps them to see concepts and ideas rather than just talk about them. To that end, I’ve added this post to a personal finance blog chain. That is to say, there are a few other blog posts on this same topic. All this to give you an idea and hopefully some inspiration to create your own money map for your finances.

Apathy Ends and Budget on a Stick were the anchors of the blog chain. Check out the rest of the links below.

And check out my money map below.

the cash dad money map

Some notes:

  • I didn’t actually list my various financial institutions on the map along with the various balances and/or other account info, because, well . . . I wasn’t born yesterday. But for your own personal money map, it might be helpful to keep track of this info.
  • Our mortgage is our only debt, which is budgeted through our bills and expenses out of our checking account.
  • I probably could simplify my money map by combining the two savings accounts for the emergency fund. This is just a bit of redundancy that isn’t necessary to eliminate, but it could be an improvement.
  • The savings escrow account is a way to save money towards recurring annual expenses. Some call these sinking funds. I figured putting them in their own online savings account would earn a little more interest than just keeping that cash in the checking account. Also, as we only use debit cards, I like to limit our exposure by keeping a low balance in our checking account.
  • Our bank does offer excellent security and monitoring, but why take the risk of possibly having our debit card stolen and our account emptied.


All in all, I’m satisfied with our money map. Because I think it’s relatively simple and easy to understand. And understanding where your money goes and keeping track of all your accounts is a great place to start.

How about you? What does your money map look like? Where can you improve?


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  1. I’ve been using mind mapping in my studies for quite some time now, but never thought to do it in this manner. Appreciate the post! I’m gonna make one up and see how it comes out. It may be a little lopsided with my student loans increasing, however it should help the family keep a closer eye on how things our going.

    • Chris Reply

      Mapping things out is great way to visualize something in a different way. Good luck with your map. Hopefully it will help. It’s at the least another tool to use.Thanks for the comment.

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