Guest Post: Money Thoughts from the Minds of 2 Kids.

This post deviates from my normal post style, but that’s because I have two special guest posters. These two have followed the blog ever since its inception. They’ve asked how many Twitter followers I have, and how many views a certain post has received. They’ve even read a few posts from start to finish – and enjoyed them.

I’m talking of course about my two oldest kids (boys aged 9 and 7).

Kids have a unique point of view when it comes to money. They aren’t necessarily tainted by the stress of debt, or jaded by wealth and riches. Although my kids do share most of my views when it comes to money, they do have their own minds.

In full disclosure, this wasn’t my idea. I shamelessly borrowed it from MSF (My Sons Father) blog. He allowed his two sons to commandeer the blog and write a post. I thought it was such a good idea, and my two sons jumped at the chance to write their own post as well.

At first they didn’t know what to write about, so I decided to give them a little direction. I said I would like it if they wrote about money in some way. This is a personal finance blog after-all. But I did leave it fairly open-ended purposely. I kinda wanted to see what they would come up with.

They ended up both going with the same title (I think they collaborated), which turned out to be a pretty good one. So I kept it as the main title. I also transcribed exactly what they wrote. I added a few notes of my own at the end.

Quick note: There is a little trick when reading kids’ writing. If you have kids, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But just read what you see. Kids tend to write words however they sound to them. For instance, “culer” can be translated as “color”.

Rich Man, Poor Man Thoughts

From my youngest son:

Now wen you think of a poor preson, he’s poor.

A rich man has a lot of money like a 100,000 dollers. A poor man has like 1 doller.

rich man younger son drawing


From my oldest son:

Now when you think of a rich person you think of someone who has a BMW, a big mansion, has maybe 5-6 cars.

So the poor man is the oppisent [opposite]. With one old junk car, a one room hut, and a couch. 

I’d rather have a deseant house with a few things and save and work for wealth so I can go on expensive vacations. That’s like the poor man, but he’s financially rich.

rich man older son drawing

Kids tend to have simplistic views of the world at times, which can be refreshing. It’s always interesting to hear/read what they come up with.

For instance: according to my youngest son, we’re certainly not poor. And coincidentally, neither is he.

Did my oldest son read The Millionaire Next Door when I wasn’t watching? He wants to live “like the poor man, but he’s . . . rich.” That’s some wise words right there.

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What do you think? Would you rather be a rich man or a poor man?

Thanks for reading, and sharing this post.



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