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can a blog post change your life 2

Can a Blog Post Change Your Life?

Can Reading a Great Blog Post or Article Change Your Life? Blogs have been around for quite a few years now. Most of us read articles (like this one) written by common people all the time on one blog or another. Even...

auction experience 1

How to Take Advantage of the Auction Experience.

The Auction Experience and Getting Out With Your Budget Intact. “We have here a nice set of wind chimes. Ladies and gentlemen, get out your pocketbooks, and bid on these beauties. Let’s start the bidding at fifty dollas. Now who’ll gimme fity,...

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How Much Do You Pay for Cable? Too Much??

Cable is a Disproportionate Chunk of My Monthly Budget. So how many of you pay more than $100 per month for cable TV? Why??!!?? When I hear someone talking about their latest cable bill, I often lose my mind. Quietly of course,...