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17 Insane Ways to Save Minimal Amounts of Money!

Are you desperate enough to try some insane budgeting tips to save even more money? I mentioned in a previous post some ways that I have used to save money. I’ve been able to save big $$$ by doing my own home improvement projects and upgrades, cutting my own hair, etc. Related: 10 Ways to Save Crazy Amounts of Money....

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How Much Do You Pay for Cable? Too Much??

Cable is a Disproportionate Chunk of My Monthly Budget. So how many of you pay more than $100 per month for cable TV? Why??!!?? When I hear someone talking about their latest cable bill, I often lose my mind. Quietly of course, because I’m friends with some of you. And your money choices are yours. But $180 or more for...

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Your Grocery Spending Can Quickly Destroy a Budget!

How Can I Save Money When My Grocery Spending is Always Out of Control? How often do you check up on your budget with the expectation that you’re doing well just to find your budget trashed – all because of the food/grocery category? Is your grocery spending outrageous! What did you even eat that costs so much? Please tell me that you’re actually...