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Where to stash your cash? 1

So, Where Do You Stash Your Cash?

So you’re starting to build up that emergency fund. That’s great!! As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, most Americans can’t afford a $400 expense without selling something or going into debt. Which is terrifying and crazy at the same time. Because what if something breaks that you have to fix? Or what if you need tires on your car?...

saving and compound interest 2

Compounding Interest Makes Your Savings Soar!!

Does compounding interest matter when I start saving for retirement, or is the amount I save more important? If you don’t have any savings for retirement or otherwise, you have a problem. But, hopefully, by the time you’re finished with this article, you’ll be encouraged to start saving immediately. Compounding interest and time are powerful money-making tools that you can’t ignore. Albert...

peanut butter emergency fund 0

You Need an Emergency Fund Even For Peanut Butter!

How Can I Ensure that I Have Something Set Aside for Emergencies (Peanut Butter or Otherwise)? It was a lazy Saturday, around lunch-time. It was the time of the day when your stomach begins to remind you that you last ate a long 4 hours ago. This was my situation. Of course I started rummaging around the kitchen cupboards looking for...