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too much house will make you house poor 0

Buying Too Much House Will Make You House Poor!

Can You Be House Poor Without Realizing It? You know all about the “American dream”? A nice house with a nice, modest yard surrounded by a nice, white picket fence. There’s a lot of “nice” in there. It doesn’t always work out that way though does it? Chasing that dream causes some to overextend themselves, and they unintentionally become house...

Your House is a Bad Investment 8

In a World of Bad Investments, Houses are King!!

As Far as a Bad Investment Goes, Your House is Right Up There!! Before we get into this, just know that real estate is not necessarily a bad investment. And I’m not against buying real estate. But I’ve heard over and over again, “Buy a house! It’s not a bad investment!”? Or, “Stop renting, You’re just throwing money away!” Listen...