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Money Mistakes We’ve All Made.

Some Mistakes are in the Past . . . And Some Are Yet to Come We’ve all made money mistakes. Some of us have made more than others. Hopefully you’ve learned from the mistakes that you’ve made. I certainly have learned from mine. You can read more about them here. In most cases, experience is the best teacher. In other...

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Be Frugal and Purchase These Things Once Every Ten Years.

Don’t Waste Money By Buying Something You Already Have – that Still Works! In my opinion, there are specific things that we should buy once every ten years or more. But first, have you ever felt the urge to spend some money? Like maybe it’s burning a hole in your pocket? Sometimes I feel like I need something to research...

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Impulse Buys Will Destroy Even the Best Budget.

When I go into a store, I can’t help myself. I always buy more than I planned. Is that you? Do you have trouble with impulse buys? Maybe you see a sale, or find a great deal. You know that time is short, and you can’t wait. Even tomorrow could be too late. So you pull the trigger, and that...