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Guest Post: How To Save Your Money.

“How to Save Your Money” from a Kid’s Perspective. Do you find it difficult to save your money. Maybe you need to buy a car, or you’re trying to save for a house or your kid’s college. Whatever the case, saving money can be difficult. It is even more so for kids. They like to see the rewards of their...

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How Basketball Taught My Kids About Saving Money.

Teaching Your Kids About Saving Money and Delaying Gratification. Money and money topics can be tough!! Right?!? We have whole blogs and websites devoted to teaching adults about saving money, and how to not screw up with your finances. And yet, here am I trying to teach these things to my kids too. In some ways kids are easier to...

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Can I Have Some Cash, Dad? An Origin Story.

The Backstory Behind the Name: The Cash Dad. I’ve had a few people question the name of this blog. Because, even though the message is similar to the last blog (some of the articles too), the name is quite different. So I’ve decided to dedicate this post to give you the history and the message behind “The Cash Dad”. And...