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Lessons We've Learned 5

Life Lessons We’ve Learned and Advice for Newlyweds.

Thoughts about Life and A Celebration of Love and Marriage. I’m sitting here writing in advance of a friend’s wedding, and just reminiscing about my wedding and other weddings I’ve attended. I enjoy attending weddings. It’s the celebration of two people joining their lives together. And the newness of it all. It should be one of the happiest days of...

money lesson from my story 5

Money Lessons from My “Normal” Finance Story

My Personal Finance Story Part 2: I left off telling my story in the last post. Part 2 details some of the hardest financial times I’ve ever gone through, and the money lessons learned. Related: Read Part One here, about my “normal” money mistakes. We were moving back home. “Life is but a dream”. We were humming right along. It...