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Do You Even Side Hustle? Why I don’t.

I need some extra money. How can I earn more to pay off my debt? Do you ever wish you had some extra money? Maybe your income is not sufficient to meet your expenses monthly. The solution is a side hustle. You might be thinking – What? What in the world are you talking about? I’m talking of course about...

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How My Debt Makes Me a Slave Even in Today’s World!

Am I really a Slave to My Bank/Lender? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions slavery? Do you think of a racially charged movie? Maybe you think historically of the injustice of owning a human being just because of their skin color or where they came from? Do you think of rich folks treating others like...

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Pay Down Your Debt Quickly with the Right Method!

My debt load is crushing my finances! I need relief! Do you have debt? You may be thinking, “What a dumb question. Of course I have debt. Doesn’t everybody?” Yes . . . and no. Roughly 75% of all Americans have debt, so you’re definitely not alone. But that leaves a quarter of all Americans that are debt free. Wouldn’t...