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Buy Your car with cash 6

Buy a Car with Cash or You can’t Afford It!!

Why Buying a Car with Cash is the Best Way to Go. Transportation costs are the second highest category in most people’s budget – behind housing. And cars only go down in value. Which sounds like a lose-lose situation to me. Learn...

basketball and saving money 4

How Basketball Taught My Kids About Saving Money.

Teaching Your Kids About Saving Money and Delaying Gratification. Money and money topics can be tough!! Right?!? We have whole blogs and websites devoted to teaching adults about saving money, and how to not screw up with your finances. And yet, here...

Get out of debt by refinancing 3

Refinancing Your Way Out of Debt?

Guest Post from Fired Up Millennial: Save Money through Refinancing This is a special guest post from Tom over at firedupmillennial.com Tom is a millennial blogger who runs a personal finance site centered around achieving FIRE (financial independence – retire early). You...