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Your behavior is important 12

Success With Money is All About Changing Your Behavior.

The Most Important Tenet of Personal Finance is Your Behavior Not Your Knowledge of Math or Numbers. There’s a common perception out there in the internets that uses math and numbers to “sell” personal finance fundamentals. And while I don’t have any problem with numbers and math per se (I’m an engineer after-all), it doesn’t tell the whole story. There’s...

perseverance at Bunker hill 4

Develop Perseverance and Win at . . . Everything!

Perseverance is the Key to Success and Victory (Battle of Bunker Hill) On June 17th 1775, a force of over 2000 confident British regulars and grenadiers marched steadfastly up a small hill outside of Boston towards a haphazardly assembled group of colonial militia. And what a sight to behold. They were the pride of England. Their muskets gleamed in the...