Will My Pursuit of Money Lead Me Down the Path of Success?

Before we talk about some things that money can’t buy, let me tell you a little story.

In a dimly lit hospital room, an older man – the only person in the room – lay on the stiff, almost uncomfortable bed. The only light came from various monitoring equipment scattered around and behind the bed. And the only sounds were the incessant beeps from the same equipment, and the labored breathing of the nameless, faceless man.

You see, no one knew much about him . . . now. No one ever came to visit him or even inquire after his condition. It’s sad really.

It could have been anyone . . . it could be you some day.

things money can't buyOf course this is a fictional story, but unfortunately this reality plays out everyday in hospitals around the country. And if you’ll bear with me, we might learn more about this man and his situation.

The man laying here once had it all – or so it seemed from the outside. He had driven what passes for success – he owned a few nice, fast cars. He traveled and lived lavishly. The money he had made as a young man had been earning him more money for years. A few years ago, anybody who saw him would have thought that he had ‘made it’.

And yet, today, with his health failing and body no longer responding, he might as well have had nothing. He had shunned family life in favor of money-making schemes and side jobs. While he never married, the only friends he had were his broker and banker, and of course – his money. He cared not for faith in God – that was for small-minded people with no ambition.

The stark reality is that this man will die with nothing – no one to call a friend. No one to even care. It’s a sad reality facing many lonely people. Especially people with money – and perhaps even those without.

Would you call this man a success? What defines success? Do you want to be the man who had everything money can buy, but spend your last days and eternity alone?

More¬†Things that Money can’t Buy.

  • Life / Health

Sure, you can buy the best food, or the best exercise equipment. But when it comes down to it, your body will eventually fail – like the man in our story.

  • Happiness

Happiness is one of those intangible things that many people are searching for. But money can’t buy genuine happiness. They “try” many things – including money – to fill the void in their life. Think about the satisfaction you get when you complete a difficult project. You might be able to pay someone else to do the same job, but you won’t get the same satisfaction. Certainly money can enable an easier life, but in the end it won’t amount to true satisfaction, contentment, or happiness. Only God can give that.

  • True Friends

The kind of friends that money buys will not stick with you if the money runs out. If you find yourself like the man in our story – coming to the end of your life – your true friends will be there with you. True friends stick around because they enjoy spending time with you – whether you have money or not. You can’t gain true friends with money, and you certainly don’t keep them because of your money.

  • True Love

Like true friends, love is something that can only be obtained when you give of yourself – not your money. It has nothing to do with money. If you devote all your time to loving money and gaining money, true love will pass you by. Think of this famous quote by John Greenleaf Whittier:

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Real Success

real successIn another hospital room, just as poorly lit, another elderly man lay sick and dying. He had the same cold, unfeeling equipment scattered around the room, but there was something different. Despite the situation, there was a warmth and encouraging atmosphere. There were people – loved ones, friends, family. They were there to visit and perhaps say goodbye for the last time. No one knew what would happen – how much longer he would be around. They wanted to let him know that they loved and cared for him. Just being there showed the man their support.

This man also had money – enough to live comfortably. But it wasn’t the primary ambition of his long life. He was invested in the lives of others – family, friends, neighbors – in things that money can’t buy. Everyone that knew him always said what a kind compassionate person he was. Perhaps it was his genuine faith in God that had inspired those around him to reach out. You see – he lived his beliefs. It wasn’t all about money and what he could get. He gave of himself. This is what I would define as success and a life well lived.


I think people can tell when someone’s motives are not true. It’s like another sense. Don’t be fake. Fake people, or those only interested in what they can get, will ultimately come to their end alone – much like the man in the first story.

Don’t spend all the time you have chasing money. The important things in life are the ones that money can’t buy. Take some time to build lasting friendships with family and others. And if you’ve gained some of the things that money can’t buy, you know how important they are. Cherish the time you have with family and friends, and the health while you have it.

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I would much rather choose the path of the second man. What about you?

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