Wallet Issues? Is your wallet stuffed with cards, but no money?

What’s in your wallet? I’m sure you’ve heard that slogan by a well-known not-to-be-named-here credit card company. When Capital O. . . err I mean, when this company says this, what they really mean is, “Do you have our card in your wallet? And if not, why not? You need to get it like right now! Because your life is incomplete without this particular card filling a slot in your wallet.”

Rest assured, this is not another credit card rant. If that’s what you’re looking for, read this.

This post is more about my wallet and what’s actually in it currently. I know . . . it’s not a hardcore financial post, but I think that’s ok. Sometimes even we bloggers need a bit of a break from actual numbers and money topics.

And I always enjoy seeing what’s in other people’s pockets/wallets, or EDC (every day carry).

So when I recently heard, “What’s in your wallet?”, I immediately thought, money – I have money in my wallet. And then I thought it might be interesting to show exactly what I do have in my wallet and why I carry the wallet that I do.

I’ve gone through a few different wallet schemes in the last couple years.what's in your wallet?

Classic Tri-fold Wallet

I started with the classic tri-fold faux leather wallet. Perhaps many of you guys carry these. I had pictures of loved ones, my identification cards, library card, passport card, social security card (yes I know – you’re not supposed to carry this), and even a tiny diploma card. There seemed to be a slot for every card. But because of the tri-fold design, it was naturally thicker than other wallets.

At the time, it didn’t matter. I was prepared for any situation.

Like the time I once walked into the D.M.V. (Department of Motor Vehicles) in New York to register my new-to-me car I purchased from out-of-state. The only place worse to have to visit is . . . No, there is no place worse.

After waiting in line to just speak to someone, I finally earned the right to present my reason for visiting that day. And after I asked for the proper form, the woman behind the desk was polite enough to inform me that to register today, I would need no less than five different forms of ID to complete the registration process, and that I should not have wasted my time coming in person.

“No problem.” I replied with a confident smile as I pulled out my beast of a wallet. I proceeded to dramatically produce one form of ID after another: my driver’s license, credit card, health insurance card, social security card, and passport card. I triumphantly completed the form, and registered my car in the same day. I was no-doubt the only person to ever complete that feat . . . at least in New York.

It was all made possible by my “expect anything, prepare for everything” wallet. But it was starting to be uncomfortable to sit down. It was just too big and bulky.

Bill-fold Wallet

So in the spirit of comfort, I switched to a bill-fold style wallet. It had the same capacity as my old tri-fold, but it was thinner. I still carried all the same cards and info, but I took out the pictures. I think with the widespread use of smartphones, the carrying of pictures has become more antiquated anyway. So I was moving in the right direction.

But I still was carrying too much stuff. My wallet was packed to point of wearing out the back pocket of my favorite pants. There was a nice hole where the corner of my wallet was stressing the pocket material.

I know that some men have wallets so thick with . . . stuff that if they sit for too long, it requires a trip to the chiropractor the next day to re-adjust their back. All because their wallet is huge. Now mine was not that overstuffed, but I did want to try my best to minimize the contents of my wallet.

First front-pocket Wallet

I figured the best way to accomplish that would be to go for a minimalist wallet. Minimalism seems to be a popular movement among my

Dash Wallet

generation, and I can certainly see the appeal. But I wasn’t sure that I could pare down my wallet contents enough to fit in a minimalist style wallet.

I initially purchased a wallet made by Dash.Co. It was . . . small. But it was perfect.

I found myself going through my wallet contents and asking myself, “Do I need this? Does it spark joy?” As if a rewards card to Lowes could ever spark joy . . . 😉

I was finally able to part with all but 4 cards, and some cash. I had to if I was going to make this wallet work.

So I decided to no longer carry a wallet in my back pocket. The Dash wallet fits in the front pocket of my jeans along with my cell phone. Sometimes I even forgot that I had it – it’s that small!

My newest Walletyour wallet ebax

My first front pocket wallet from the Dash Co. was great. But it didn’t last that long. After only about a year, it was starting to shows signs of wear and tear. The trim was starting to come off, and the pockets were stretched.

So I got a new front pocket wallet.

This one from Ebax. It had some features that interested me. You can wear it on your belt or on a backpack strap (for more security). It also carries the same amount of cards that the Dash wallet does.

We’ll see if it lasts longer than the Dash one.

So what’s in my wallet currently?

  • Driver’s license
  • Debit card
  • Concealed carry permit
  • health insurance card
  • receipts
  • petty cash

That’s it. Since I started carrying these front pocket wallets, I’ve found that I didn’t really need all that other stuff. Of course I haven’t been to the DMV in a while . . .

So . . . What’s in your wallet?

Feel free to share below in the comments, and thanks for reading and sharing.



Chris is the original Cash Dad. He's a father of 3 and a mechanical engineer by trade.

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  1. Sometimes, I dislike that I have to carry all the discount cards. But I guess that is why I have a bigger wallet. Although, mine has certainly slimmed down in the last year. I have money in mine too, even if it is just food money.

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